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Strategies to increase your web traffic by 1000%

'Theory of the 4 Keywords' An error that many companies and businesses make is to dedicate most of the time of the content strategy in the generation of new contents, dedicating many hours a week to infoxicar Internet.

This is a bad strategy, for the simple reason that most Blogs get more than 50% of visitor traffic from 4 or 5 keywords, or what is the same, your biggest source of organic visits comes from 4 articles, it is for this reason that I think it is key to identify which are those 4 keywords that most interest us according to our target and objectives, and then design a strategy around these 4 keywords to try to climb positions in the Google search engine until reaching TOP 3.

Identifying your 4 most important keywords is key to your #SEO Content Strategy

Logically, there are very heavy businesses on the Internet, which have thousands of keywords in the TOP 20 of Google and therefore have a greater diversification of keywords.

How do we identify these 4 keywords?

There are many tools to find very powerful keywords that generate a lot of visitor traffic, but my favorite is SEMrush, and this happens for 3 reasons mainly:

  1. You gain time

    Finding the best keywords is not an easy and simple task but with this application you can do it in a few minutes and therefore you can buy time to dedicate it to other tasks.
  2. Match study

    Being able to do a matching study of any keyword gives us the possibility of obtaining an excell with hundreds and thousands of keywords in a matter of a few seconds and 2 mouse clicks.
  3. Analysis of the competition

         Studying our competitors can allow us to identify faster niches that generate a lot of web traffic.

  • Social Media Strategy

Social channels are a powerful tool to attract web traffic to our business, in my case they account for 29% of total traffic, the second source after SEO traffic.

The social networks that can bring more web traffic to your business are Twitter and Facebook, but for this to happen we must try to get quality followers and always using natural strategies and avoiding automations that have as sole objective to "fatten" our figure of followers

In a secondary way, there are also other social networks that have to be taken into account because they can get us thousands of visits per month to our website.

So, I understand that social networks are a channel that can take 1/3 of the total visits of our site, it is very important that both SEO and Social departments work together to use integrated actions and work hand in hand as the Social SEO Strategy

If you just started your business on the Internet, I recommend you contact professionals who can recommend the best marketing strategy for your business, always understanding that a strategy must always be designed as a suit for the company and never the other way around.

This social evolution is so important, that SEO tools like ahrefs , MOZ have included or will include social measurement tools, making a clear wink to this social importance that splashes and approaches the SEO world with giant steps.
  • Branding Strategy

It is undoubtedly the great forgotten by many businesses when they want to position themselves on the Internet, sometimes by reducing costs and sometimes by ignorance, but it should be the first step to any marketing strategy, and I will explain how I did it with the Brand Marketing and Web;

In April 2013 I decided to work on my brand image for one year, for which I made the following actions:

1. Design and execution of a Social Media strategy:
I initially selected Facebook and Twitter as the main channels I wanted to work with, and the goal was to create a large and strong community of several thousand followers in each one of them, and this way my brand could get Social Branding.

2. Publish every 15 days in a relevant blog of the sector:
The objective was to give visibility to the brand in websites that shared the same target and that had a large number of visits and therefore could let me know thousands of users.

  • Content Strategy

In April 2014, I decided to start with a content strategy that made a clear commitment to differentiation and the quality of the same, starting with a publication frequency of one post a week, reaching in some moments to increase them to 2 weekly .

To achieve this, this is what I did:

1. Write content of real value to my readers

To achieve this, I spent 2 or 3 hours before reading other articles on the subject, in order to avoid repetition and focus on something fresher and newer.

2. The extension is marked by the content, not the SEO

How many times have we read of an SEO post on page that we have to write X content words and similar things, because I decided to ignore these recommendations and try to give the most in each post and that each one had the extension that they own the theme will mark me, thus beginning to write articles of more than 1,500 words, and all this long before the arrival of the Algorithm of Panda 3.0, ie the arrival of this algorithm benefit this change that had been introduced in the Blog.

3. Write 2 guide per month from 2,500 to 5,000 words

Do you know a better way to do branding and SEO at the same time?

The truth is that making a very complete and valuable guide can be a tool to make our brand visible and improve our online visibility.

In 5 months I wrote a whopping 12 guides, trying to cover all the most important topics that had been segmented my content strategy.

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