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Start Your Your E-commerce Store With Wix

The easy way to build a custom ecommerce store to grow your business

Wix started its life as a website builder and Shopping cart functionality was added after its user started demanding a native e-commerce functionality. Wix is a website Builder First and an E-commerce Platform second.

Having said that, Wix offers a decently powerful e-commerce system. It lets you sell physical products as well as digital goods. It offers product management, order management, shipping zone setup, coupon handling, basic email marketing and a nice collection of themes and templates.

1. Adding Products
Wix has an intuitive interface for adding products. There are 2 types of product available.

Physical – As the name suggests, Physical products have to be shipped to the customers.
Digital – Digital products do not require shipping. They are downloaded
Services – Wix lets you sell services like appointments and classes / workshops
While selecting a product you will need to choose the type of product you want to create. Once you do that you will be taken to product creation screen and you proceed from there

2. Selling Physical Products
When you create a physical product, you can easily add images, videos variants, pricing, inventory and additional information for the products. For example you can additional information block for return policy and shipping policy.

3. Selling Services / Appointments
Wix offers a powerful appointment / service booking module. You can create services and setup schedule. There are 2 type of services available

One on One Sessions
Group Sessions
All of your booking sessions appear in the calendar view. You can add multiple staff and synjc their Wix Calendar with Google calendar

4. Product Display and Organization
Products are organized into collections and you then display collections on your website. You can embed product collections on any page on your website.

Wix offers a variety of ways to display and customize the product grid. You can select from various layouts, you can set text alignments, you can define what happens on hover, you can define the pagination style and do a loots more. Wix offers very powerful features for product display and customization

5. Payment Gateway and Transaction Fees
Wix supports a variety of Payments gateways including the popular ones like Paypal, 2Checkout, Stripe etc. As of writing of this post, Wix supports a total of 17 Payment Gateways.

This is a a huge feature if you are an international user. Chances are that Wix will be supporting a payment gateway which is popular in your country.

Wix does not charge any commission / transaction fees on any of its Ecommerce plans.

6. Shipping
Wix lets you create multiple Shipping Zones and each shipping zone in turn can have different shipping rates.

Wix offers various shipping rate calculations like Free Shipping, Shipping Calculation based on weight, prices and a flat rate. It also offer a store pickup options.

7. Marketing Tools
Wix offers a variety of modules to increase your store sales. Here are they

Coupons – Wix lets you create coupons and setup rules like expiry, usage etc.
Abandoned Cart Mails – Send automatic email to customers who abandon their carts.
Email marketing Automation– Wix offers basic automation which lets you send automated email after a customers make a purchase. It can be a good starting point for stores looking to take advantage of email marketing automation
There is no native email capture popups offered by Wix. You can explore Wix app marketplace for email popups. You will find quite a wide variety of apps to choose from.

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