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SiteGround Reviews - Hosting Speed, Features, Data

SiteGround Review

What are the Top Features of SiteGround Hosting?

I'll cut to the chase, these are the things you care about with hosting, and SiteGround delivers:
  1. Customer Service:I'm putting this number one because their customer services is outstanding. They answer support tickets within minutes not hours. And the support is detailed and friendly. They go above and beyond.

  2. Pricing: I actually like that their pricing is inexpensive, but not super cheap. Reason being is that I know they're selling at sustainable prices and they can take that profit to reinvest in their platform. Guess what, if you're paying another company $1/month for hosting it's either crappy or you're going to get upsold at a later date.

  3. Features: They were one of the first hosts to focus on WordPress sites (along with WP Engine), and so they know how to match the market. Their GoGeek plan comes with epic features: staging, priority support, and premium backups (you'll want this).
Other awesome things include 99.99% uptime guarantee, easy installation of WordPress, free SSL certificate through Let's Encrypt, and more.
It really is a great host for bloggers, ecommerce site owners, and business owners alike, with both advanced and beginner-friendly tools.
The downsides to SiteGround include limited storage and other hidden costs, which we cover below.

Our Official SiteGround Review

SiteGround has amazing support and very helpful staff. And for the price, your domain comes with a bevy of helpful tools that other hosts do not provide. Overall, SiteGround is a well-priced and easy to use option for those who don't require a ton of bandwidth for their site. But if you are a power user with a large database and are planning for heavy use of the staging and SG-Git functionalities, you should take time to compare hosts before pulling the trigger.
Best part? Your initial purchase is 60%+ off (with link).

Best Features of SiteGround Hosting

SiteGround knocks it out of the park for most users. The perfect blend of cheap hosting and excellent support – it almost doesn't get any better than this.
Power users will push the features to their limits though and can run into some issues down the line.
siteground features

1. SiteGround Customer Service: Excellent Response Time

The speed at which SiteGround responds to tickets is unparalleled.
You would be hard-pressed to find a hosting company that can beat their 15-minute average response time.
They don't have a chat option, but it is hard to see that as a something to dock them for when they generally answer support tickets within minutes with a thoughtful, helpful response.
Chat support gives you instant recognition, sure, but the inherent brevity of that format can make it difficult to convey complex problems and receive their respectively complex answers.
GoDaddy, for example, pushes you to call their support phone line, which can mean a lot of time spent on hold.
And Rackspace averages more than a 30 minute ticket response time. But SiteGround 24/7 team gets to the bottom of your issue quickly and efficiently.

2. SiteGround Pricing: Great Bang for Your Buck

Another extension of their world class customer service, at the purchase stage a SiteGround sales rep will take the time to truly understand your needs and make reasonable recommendations.
They won't upsell you on features and storage space you have no need for.
Why not? Because most every feature the average website owner would ever need is already included in the base price: privacy features, automatic back-ups, cPanel, FTP access, free domain name, standard security, Joomla, Drupal, and many more.
SiteGround is only slightly more expensive than big-name competitor HostGator, but the support, features, and security attached are far superior.

3. SiteGround Wordpress Compatibility

If you already have a WordPress website, SiteGround will move your site for free. It's an easy, one-time process that requires no guidance.
They also provide plenty of resources to help beginning bloggers get started.
Furthermore, SiteGround's support staff is incredibly knowledgeable about WordPress and can help you with any questions you may have in the process of building out your page.
The SiteGround WordPress relationship is a seamless one that should give longtime WordPress users no pause.

4. Pricing is Actually Really Affordable with Frequent Deals

Yes we're repeating ourselves, but in a different way. This is an update on their recent deals.
They're making some serious moves out there in Sofia. They've been dropping their pricing recently, with 70% off on  upon signup to a whopping $3.95/mo to start (as of March 2018). That's some seriously good pricing.
If you're trying to save as much cheddar as possible, but still want solid features – c'mon man – this is a great balance.
You'd think with the awesome features they include by default in their plans, and amazing customer support that they'd be a lot more expensive than the likes of Bluehost or Hostgator.
Not so.
They seem to have optimized their systems in such a way that they can offer both rock-bottom pricing and killer benefits. Only downside: you have to sign up for 3 years. But I'm telling you, you're not going to want to go with anyone else!

5. One-Click Staging is the Life Saver You Need…

…that you never knew you wanted. Seriously. If you're an entrepreneur, marketer, or beginning developer that's editing the site, you're probably a cowboy coder. What's that? Someone who edits the live site.
More experience website developers are laughing at you, but whatever, you have people skills.
No, the thing is, you don't want to fix your engine while driving on the freeway. Likewise, you want to edit your website in a testing area (staging) and not on the live site (production).
SiteGround makes it suuuuuper easy with one-click staging. Edit the site, then push to live. Done.

6. Free Domain Upon Signup

With certain plans you get a free domain name upon signup. Hey it's only worth like $12, but we'll take it!
They make it seamless to sign up. You don't have to mosey on over to GoDaddy for a domain, just get the whole bundle with them. Unfortunately you'll have to pay to renew for subsequent years, but year one sounds pretty good!

7. Great Site Speed Tools to Keep Hosting Fast

SiteGround has their own Supercacher tool with four levels of speed and caching features depending on the plan you're on.
Only the super elite cloud plans and above get the HHVM caching support, but going up to Memcache is pretty solid (created by Facebook engineers).
They also support Google's PageSpeed caching tool as an alternative, as well as direct integration with Cloudflare. They'll also give you a Cloudflare recurring discount off the list pricing.
These options can get pretty overwhelming, but have no fear. Just talk to their friendly support, ask 100 questions like I do, and they'll solve your problem!
features 2

8. These are Managed Hosting Services

Ok, who wouldn't buy managed hosting? I'm not going to do any server upgrades, I don't even know how to. I've got better things to do.
But SiteGround takes care of all the super techy stuff that the IT guys with ponytails love to do. They provide managed WordPress hosting as well as for other platforms – Magento, Drupal, Joomla, etc.

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