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Domain Name advice for Investor

If We had one piece of advice to offer a part time domain investor We would suggest that you
know the difference between investing and speculating:


* Purchase quality domains from a trusted source
* Purchase .com domains (with some exceptions)
* Buy and hold with plans to develop
* Buy and hold domains that have natural type in traffic


* Hand registering quantities of domains based on a longer term investment strategy.
* Buying non .com domains (with some exceptions)
* Any traffic or revenue would be a bonus
* Fine if you plan to simply sell domain names
* Fine if you plan to develop a domain or domains to cover a niche you know and like

  • Either way, I would suggest that you focus on keywords or industries that interest you.
  • Don’t settle for trading low quality domains.
  • Don’t buy to double your money. Buy to make 10x minimum. If the domain you are buying is not worth 10x what you paid, don’t buy it.
  • Try and buy the best. Instead of buying 20 domains for 1K each try and purchase one for 20K.

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